Corrado marchese

The love for Art and the choice of being a sculptor come from one main thought: sculpting music. The idea is to combine the sculptural Old School, the truest italian tradition, with the magic of music, with Rock'n Roll, with Reggae, Ska, Blues, Hard Core, Punk Rock... Works that take shape from the masters rythms: Donatello, Michelangelo, Bernini and than Rauschenberg, Vangi, Finotti... with the beats from my bands: J. Cash, Muddy Waters to Bob Marley, D. Dekker to the Ramones, G.B.H., Rancid... This concept is at the base of each of my works, it's the attitude that my creations carry my tracks. Sculptures that come to life from a song running through my head, spontaneus without limits in material or size, i search for and elaborate as if with scales and chords that are bound into composing harmony; giving shape to a feeling.
Ending with the marble sculpture, the oldest in history yet re-proposed today in LA, with the same kicking beats and the same desire to express and comunicate Rock'n Roll!
1 -2 -3 -4 -"Hey ho, Let's go!"